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Our History

In The Beginning...

Sack suppliers for nearly 200 years, H. R. Webster (Hannah Rosina Webster) was founded in the early 1800's in Limehouse East London. The original premises, close to The London Coal Exchange, manufactured, hired and repaired most of London's coal bags. This was the great age of coal, providing the power and heat for factories and homes.

H. R. Webster gained the reputation for quality, value and excellent service; the values which are proudly upheld today. Supplying Hemp, Jute and Polypropylene coal bags - the last tarred coal bags were manufactured at the East London factory in 1987. Sourcing only the highest quality materials Hemp & Jute from Dundee, special blends of tar from Russia and Sweden and later polypropylene from Dundee and Portugal, H. R. Webster became the major sack supplier in Southern England.

W.Wooderson Ltd (sack manufacturers) was taken over by H R Webster during the early 1920's and continued it's activities mainly unchanged until the early 1970's when it began to supply "The New Polythene Pre Pack Coal Bags".

This radical change in Solid Fuel distribution, which had remained unchanged for decades, was now possible due to the development of polymers, from the chemical industry, which enabled the extrusion, convertion and printing of sacks suitable for Solid Fuel. The Coal Trade was now able to offer "Clean, Convenient, Attractively Designed Packs" to its customers. Solid Fuel was now available from many varied outlets- Garage Forecourts, Shops, Supermarkets and Garden Centres.

W. Wooderson started supplying 56lb and 28lb bags to Coal Merchants. They initiated and developed the first branded National Pack , "The Coalite Bag" and have continued to supply innovative designs and brand recognition for Leading Fuel Manufacturers. W.Wooderson Ltd continued to grow and with it's wealth of expertise moved into new markets - supplying Sand & Aggregate packers and the Horticulture Industry. They moved from the East London premises at the end of 1989 when H R Webster ceased to trade.

During the 1980's a very successful relationship was forged with a leading Portuguese, family owned, Polythene Extruder - Leiriense Plasicos SA , which finally resulted in the UK investment opportunity they had been seeking- Wooderson Packaging Ltd..

In 2000 Leiriense became part of The Plasteuorpa Group, allowing further product diversification opportunities to Wooderson Packaging Ltd..

Recent Milestoneses

WPL has a new eBay shop.

WPL employees banded from golfing!

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